Hello, my name is Kathryn and welcome to Life with S & K!

I’m a Northern California native who followed my then-fiancé and an acceptance letter to graduate school to Los Angeles in 2009. Originally, I wasn’t very excited to move to Southern California. If you’re from California you know how the two parts of the state feel about each other. S and I were born and raised thinking Northern California is the best place in the world to live and while we still pretty much think that way – hey, it’s in our blood – LA is growing on us a little at a time. (Living biking distance to the beach has definitely helped!)

Maybe it was a move to the land of real-life Malibu Barbie (seriously, there is a hot pink Corvette that can be spotted on PCH sometimes) or maybe it was finishing college, getting married, and getting a big-kid, 9-to-5 job that made S and I want to start living healthier and less like the college students we were when we first started dating. We didn’t want to diet though. Neither one of us has an issue with commitment, that wasn’t the problem, we just didn’t like the idea of changing the way we ate for the short term and expecting, or at least hoping for, long term results. We wanted to create healthier habits that we could sustain for, well, forever.

So while we call the way we eat a diet and while you might see me refer to our diet in posts here I’m using a much more basic, traditional definition of the word. Like you would explain that a herbivore has a diet of plants, a carnivore a diet of meat, and an omnivore a diet of both, that’s what I mean when I use the word diet. This isn’t a short term thing. Our diet is smaller portions and calorie conscious, but anything goes. Nothing is off limits, nothing is forbidden, we just try to have a healthy balance with what we eat.

You’ll see from the recipes that I post that we eat all kinds of foods. Including cheeseburgers and chocolate cake, occasionally. The idea for this blog started from the reactions of my friends when I created an album on Facebook called “This is diet food” and started posting pictures of our meals. People couldn’t believe that we were having tacos, steak, and margaritas and still losing weight. There were lots of requests to share the recipes and while posting the links as a comment worked for a while, I’m hoping that this blog will work much better.

I hope you’ll follow along and maybe even pick up a few good ideas for how to fit your favorite foods into a healthful, balanced diet. I also want to note, that along with the food side of this lifestyle change, there comes an increase in our activity level too. S and I regularly try to hit the gym or get outside and get moving. This activity is what makes splurges like dessert or cocktails not necessarily equal packing on the pounds. Again, it’s all about balance people. I’m going to try to share some of that too. =)

Wait, this blog isn’t just about food? As you might have noticed, there are also pages on this blog for home and adventures. Let me explain…

I love creating. I always have. There is something about creating something that just feels so good to me. I plan on sharing my projects, including S and I’s first home, with you. I hope it might inspire some people to tackle projects they might have found intimidating before and help you learn from my mistakes…like the time I dumped an entire can of paint on my kitchen floor. Yeah, that happened.

S and I also love to travel. And I do mean LOVE. It has become a major priority in our lives. There really isn’t anywhere that isn’t on our “list.” I hope that by sharing our adventures with you we can inspire you to book that plane ticket, or hop in the car/on the train, and go on your own adventure.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoy following along and welcome your feedback and comments.



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