Friday, July 10, 2015

Tangy Lemon Vinaigrette

I don't know why, but I used to be intimidated by the thought of making my own salad dressing. I shouldn't have been and you shouldn't be either.

Making your own salad dressing is easy. You probably already have all the ingredients in your fridge and pantry.

It takes a little more time and energy to make your own dressing than it does to just open a jar or bottle, but it is totally worth it.

Homemade tastes great. You also don't have to wonder what is in it. Don't get me wrong, there are some store-bought dressings that I love, but I don't love trying to read the label. Homemade is fresh and natural. Yum. =)

This dressing is bright and tangy. We had it on a peppery arugula salad, but I feel its flavors are versatile and could be adapted to whatever you're throwing into your salad.

Tangy Lemon Vinaigrette
From: Me 
Time: less than 5 minutes
Servings: about 3

- 3 Tbsp lemon juice
- 2 Tsp Dijon mustard
- 2 Tbsp white wine vinegar
- 2 Tbsp olive oil
- 3 Tbsp chopped shallots
- 1/8 Tsp ground thyme
- 1/4 Tsp garlic powder
- 1/4 Tsp black pepper
- 1/2 Tsp salt

Combine all ingredients in a mason jar or other seal-able container and shake to combine.

Let dressing to sit for a few minutes before serving to allow flavors to meld.

Refrigerate any leftovers. Bring to room temperature again before serving. (Leftovers should last about a week in your fridge.)

Nutrition Facts: (based on 3 servings)
Calories 95, Fat 9g, Saturated Fat 1g, Sodium 475g, Carbohydrates 4g, Sugars 1g.


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